Lyon, France


I'm Paul HEBBINCKUYS, student in Game Design !

About me

Currently in my third year of Game Design studies, video game
conception really thrills me. Since I had a musical education,
sound design in experiences I offer means a lot to me. Indeed, I always try to do my best with the music and sounds that I create, just to be sure that informations, feelings and emotions meet game’s requirements.
I take the opportunity of my studies to get involved and benefit
from all skills that game creation requires in order to effectively
communicate with the myriad professionals I am meant to work with.

My games

Neon Beats

2D Platformer

[Game Designer / Level Designer / Music Composer / Sound Designer]


Boss Fight Game

[Game Designer / Music Composer / Sound Designer]

Once Upon a Card

2D Cooperative Deck Building Game

[Game Designer / UI Artist / UI Designer / Music Composer / Sound Designer]


Boss Fight Game

[Game Designer / Programmer / Music Composer / Sound Designer]


2D Platformer

[Game Designer / Programmer / Artist / Music Composer / Sound Designer]

All Butchers

Party Game

[Game Designer / Artist / Music Composer / Sound Designer / UI Designer]


Twin Stick Shooter / Narrative

[Music Composer]

Santa Job

3D Scoring Game

[Personnal work]

The Janitor

Interactive Cutscene

[Implementation / VFX]


Party Game

[Game Designer / Sound Designer]

Personnal Works

Samples of my personnal art works.



Tools I use

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