Lyon, France



I started to learn music at the age of 5. I made 11 years in the conservatory of music. I learned Cello and piano. I played in orchestras, and bands. I got the CFEM degree in “Chamber Music”.

After this education, I wanted to create my music and to learn by myself instruments I loved. Thanks to my studies, now I can compose musics for my games and I love that ! I like also to make the Sound Design and compose the best SFX I can.

If you want to ear my work I let you check my soundcloud !

Samples of musics

Neon Beats – Level 2

Electronic Music from Neon Beats, one of my games.

Fireflies – Dream night

Fairy Music from Fireflies, a game made in one week in which you embody a firefly in a fairy forest.

Synopse – Tragic end boss

Final boss Music from Synopse, an 8 bit narrative game in which you discover state secrets…

Synopse – Plot Twist

Plot twist in Synopse, stress and suspicion…